Southern Arizona
Logistics Education Organization

SALEO, Southern Arizona Logistics Education Organization, is your gateway to education and workforce development in logistics, and to a network of Arizona-Mexico logistics service providers and users. SALEO's mission is to advance global and regional logistics through education, networking, and workforce development. Through this regional connection, you will learn about:


shipping containers

  • education efforts focused on producing a well qualified and self-sustaining logistics workforce
  • regional transportation planning that affects freight movements
  • economic development activities that promote the logistics industry
  • strategic partnerships designed to advance education and workforce efforts
  • gain access to regional logistics service providers that can help facilitate freight movements into, out of, and through the Arizona-Mexico region

SALEO offers a forum for logistics providers and users to share best practices and learn about the latest issues affecting transportation and logistics. We also offer logistics professionals in transition, the opportunity to network with potential employers.


SALEO is sponsored by

Union Pacific | Building AmericaUnion Pacific | Building America
HDS CompaniesHDS Companies
Pima County OneStop Career CenterPima County OneStop Career Center
Port of TucsonPort of Tucson


Port of Tucson Presents

Inter-/multimodal Development Expo...

Pima Community College is seeking logistics professional to speak to their supply chain...


Randolph Golf Course Copper Room - 600 S. Alvernon Way —
11:30am to 1:00pm
featuring Kim Sheridan-Rohasek and team Members Amy Gomez and Jake Vega

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